Maybe this wasn't a good idea


Kutch cautiously approaches the closed western door. “I’ll save the open door for now…” He attempts to listen at the door, then assuming he doesn’t hear anything that sounds threatening, enters cautiously.

Listen: 13 (11+2) Move Silently: 11 (8+3)

Maybe this wasn't a good idea

With your ear pressed to the damp wood, you pause and hold your breath. Nothing from the other side enters your head, so you grab the latch and slowly pull it open. You peek in the room, your eyes taking in what the thin sliver of light reveals.

The 10×10 room is mostly bare. Lying in the corner, a few sacks of grain have spilled open. The moisture spoiling what you can see. Then you notice the corpses.

Dangling from the ceiling, tied to lengths of string, are dessicated bodies of mice. Their tails pulled taut by the weight of their bodies. They sway slightly, stirred by the opening door. Their eyes have rotted away, leaving empty dead sockets, staring at nothing. Dozens of the little things hang down. While most are at eye level, some lay closer to the floor, others sway higher. On the other side of the room, another closed door sits.

Maybe this wasn't a good idea

Sorry! I’ve been working on the campaign

The dead mice don’t disturb Kutch as much as he feels like they should. Undeterred, he attempts to make his way across the room to the door, disturbing as few of the corpses as possible.

Maybe this wasn't a good idea

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