Outside the Law Guild

In the beginning...

The sun shines brightly, the birds chirp sweetly, the scent of lilac lingers in the air. It would be a perfect day if you hadn’t just been kicked out of the Guild of Law. The words of Bek still sting your ears. “You are not welcome in this house. You are not welcome to practice in the city. You are not welcome.” As you stand there, wondering what to do with your life, you see one of the Untouchables running your way. He’s dozens of paces away, but you can tell by his smell, he works at the tannery. A courtier, rushing out of a side street, accidentally bumps into him. The Untouchable keeps moving, neglecting the bow of apology, even as the courtier loudly shouts after him. “May Lolth find you, Scab!” If you didn’t know any better, you would think this filthy man was heading straight for you.


Kutch whirls around, pretending to spot the man’s destination. After that, he pulls some old legal documents out of his bag and attempts to look busy. “For the love of Chazor Blackspark, please don’t talk to me” he mumbles under his breath.

Bluff: 13 (d20:4 +CHA:3 +Ranks:3 +Misc:3)

Outside the Law Guild

The Untouchable keeps on walking towards you. There’s no mistaking it now, his destination is you. But wait, hold on…no, he’s not quite walking to you. He’s walking to the door of the Guild of Law. He glances at you, but averts his eyes to avoid your gaze. He reaches out for the door and walks into the building behind you. It takes only seconds for the shouts to begin. “Begone worm!” bellows someone. A high voice tells the man to “Stop fouling my home”. The door slams open and the Untouchable is heaveed into the street. Bek’s eyes narrow as he sees you still at the door. “Why don’t you ask this one,” he refers to you. “If you deserve any council, get it form someone as worhtless as yourself.” His proclamation is punctuated by spit landing at the Untouchable’s feet. The man notices the papers in your hands and before you have a chance to speak begins his speech. It’s rehearsed, you can tell that much. But he’s clearly been rattled by his treatment. Not that he should expect any better. He is an Untouchable, after all. “Sir, Sir. I am charged with murder, which I did not do, but my caste dictates that I am guilty if charged… I am guilty if charged. I do not care about my life, it is forfeit already, but my daughter, I know she yet lives. Please, I will not sully your honor with copper or grain, but please find her. She was visiting my wife, rest her soul, but never came back from the ‘yard. If you rescue her, I can give you this.” He holds out an amulet. Wooden and stained, but something about it catches your eye. The guards heading your way also catch your eye. It’s clear now why this man has nowhere else to run.

Outside the Law Guild

Is it possible to edit the campaign settings so it’s set to 3.5 edition? For some reason it’s not letting me actually add this campaign to my actual character, which I why I have to just leave comments.

Outside the Law Guild

Kutch is momentarily distracted with fantasies of demonstrating to Bek hands-on that he can do more than manipulate people with magic, but then he’d be wanted for murder, just like the loathsome man before him. The man before him… “It is a vile law that condemns this man,” he thinks. “And that amulet does intrigue me…”

“Leave the amulet with me, and I’ll do what I can to find your daughter,” he whispers. “What are your names?”

Outside the Law Guild

The man looks back at you, eyes wide. “You want- you want to know my name?” he pauses. “It is Johann, my daughter is Alicia. I thank you a thousand times for the kindness you have shown me. Here, take my amulet.” He glances behind him. “It is a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generat—”

“Was this murderer bothering you? Do not worry, he shall have a short drop and a quick stop before the day is done.” The guard eyes you up, decides you aren’t worth any more time and starts to drag Johann away. The amulet slips from Johann’s fingers and lands with a thud in the dirt. Maybe it’s just your imagination, but the dirt around the amulet seemed undisturbed when it hit the ground.

Outside the Law Guild

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Kutch mutters to himself as he reaches down for the amulet. “I just needed your names as a place to start.” It almost sounds like he’s trying to convince himself that he’s not doing something charitable. He holds up the amulet briefly, then pockets it. “Not here,” he thinks. “Too conspicuous.” He glances around, looking for a nearby alley where he can examine it more closely and cast detect magic to confirm his suspicion…

Spot: 14 (d20:12+WIS+Half Elf)

Outside the Law Guild

You look around quickly and see a shadowed alleyway. You step into the darkness, and pull out the amulet. With a quick flick of your hand you cast detect magic. A few seconds pass and you feel power, pure as a spring, running through you. Whatever this thing is you hold in your hand, it is no ordinary amulet. You can almost feel the amulet wrapping tendrils of strength around your fingers. No, you can feel it.

A few more moments pass. Visions of Bek groveling for his life, of the sun stilling itself at your command, of dragons heeding your very thoughts run through your head.

Whatever questions you had about Johann have now been multiplied ten fold.

Outside the Law Guild

The images running through his head are intoxicating. Kutch lifts the chain over his head and tucks the amulet under his robes, pausing to note that he’s donning his first truly magical artifact. “No more loitering in magic shops and wizards guilds just to feel the aura of magic… to be near it.” It’s so small a thing, yet acquiring the amulet somehow feels poignantly significant. For a moment, he’s taken back to the exact instant when he knew his fate would forever be entwined with the arcane…

He holds a piece of red cloth in his hand. The edges are singed and black. He’s stopped crying now, though his eyes are still red and damp as a smile curls slowly over his lips…

He’s in the alley again. Kutch clutches the amulet around his neck. Like a child with a new toy, he cares more about the fact that it’s magic than what it actually does. For the time being, anyway. He decides to find out what he can about Johann. “Where would a family like his have acquired something so precious?” he wonders. “And who would kidnap an untouchable’s daughter in the first place?” Not knowing where else to start, he leaves the alley and heads for the part of the city where untoucha- where people of Johann’s distinction reside, and starts asking questions. “I’ll find your daughter Johann. And she’s going to have some questions to answer.”

Gather information: 15 (d20:10+CHA+Half Elf)

Outside the Law Guild

You wander around the market for a while. Knowing better than to ask anything outright, you gather snippets of conversation between the people.

”...Born under a new moon, she was. Ill omen for a child…”

”...Eighth young lady to disappear this month. Glad they finally got that killer off the street…”

”...Never trusted him, did I. Always going on about his great great grandfather, saying he were someone special, illegitimate son of a noble or some such. Pshaw, like you ever heard of a person changing rank…”

”... I hear that he’d cut ‘em up into pieces and make them eat their hands and legs…”

Piecing together the story, you find out the last place anyone saw Alicia. You stand outside the decrepit building, off the edge of the graveyard.

Outside the Law Guild

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