Maybe this wasn't a good idea

I do not want to go in there.
Outside the Law Guild
In the beginning...

The sun shines brightly, the birds chirp sweetly, the scent of lilac lingers in the air. It would be a perfect day if you hadn’t just been kicked out of the Guild of Law. The words of Bek still sting your ears. “You are not welcome in this house. You are not welcome to practice in the city. You are not welcome.” As you stand there, wondering what to do with your life, you see one of the Untouchables running your way. He’s dozens of paces away, but you can tell by his smell, he works at the tannery. A courtier, rushing out of a side street, accidentally bumps into him. The Untouchable keeps moving, neglecting the bow of apology, even as the courtier loudly shouts after him. “May Lolth find you, Scab!” If you didn’t know any better, you would think this filthy man was heading straight for you.


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